Monday, December 30, 2013

Talend Open Studio Cookbook (Book review)

I had some time in the holidays to read the recently published book "Talend Open Studio Cookbook" by Rick Barton. I have to admit, I was quite impressed by this book!
I can highly recommend it to everyone who is looking into getting started with Talend Data Integration but also to someone who has some experience with it, as there are quite a lot of useful tips and tricks mentioned as well.
The book takes a very practical approach, which ensures that you are up-to-speed in a very short amount of time. It covers all the essentials (from creating data integration jobs to finally scheduling them) plus covers some more advanced topics as well.

Overall the book is very well structured and brings across best practices in a very easy to understand manner. All the exercises focus on creating only the required functionality, so you start off with an already partially build data integration job and only fill in the required pieces, which makes it indeed a very good experience. The accompanying files all worked very well and I have to applaud the author for providing both the "partially build" job files as well as the completed ones.

In a nutshell: A highly recommended book - go out and get it!

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