Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pentaho Solutions - The Pentaho bible

I finally finished reading the 600 pages book "Pentaho Solutions" (by Roland Bouman and Jos van Dongen). I don't want to repeat what all the other reviews are clearly stating in detail, let me just say this: If you are new to the Pentaho BI world, this is the book you should buy to get to know everything about all the components that make up the Pentaho BI suite. The book doesn't stop there, but also gives you a primer on BI and data warehouse design in general, a SQL, OLAP and MDX intoduction and much more ... it's really all that you will not need to set up proper BI solutions! It is also a great resource for people who have been working with Pentaho for a bit longer.
I do hope that Roland and Jos will keep this Pentaho bible up-to-date with all future major versions of the Pentaho BI Suite.

After reading this book I am really looking forward to the forthcoming book "Pentaho Kettle Solutions" (also written by Roland and Jos in cooperation with Matt Casters). 


  1. Hi Diethard!

    thanks for your kind words - it is much appreciated !

    PS: there seems to be a broken sentence in your post, "It's really all the you will not need to set up proper solutions!"

  2. Hi Roland!
    You are welcome :) Is there any chance that I can review your next book?