Thursday, February 4, 2010

MySQL breakfast presentation on data warehousing

Today I attended a Sun/MySQL presentation in London that focused on data warehousing with MySQL, Infobright and Talend. Overall the presentation gave quite a good overview. The concept of packaging and knowledge layer in Infobright seem quite interesting; and not to worry about indexing is another nice point. I have to look how it compares to Lucid DB or Monet DB at some point when I find some time. I might give the Infobright Community Edition a try.
It was also interesting to see another open source ETL tool. From my point of view the interface of Talend doesn't look as user friendly as Pentaho Kettle, but maybe that's down to the fact that I have been working with Kettle for a long time now. In essence, Kettle will still be my ETL tool of choice.

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