Sunday, August 25, 2013

Advanced routing in Pentaho Kettle jobs - Part 2

Part one provided an introduction to Pentaho Kettle routing. This follow-up article will take a look at an additional example, which will retrieve an input value for the condition from a database. This input value could be in example the result of a query which checks in a database logging table if a certain job has been executed successfully:
The usage of the Evaluate rows number in a table job entry is a bit of a hack here: Our query will always return a result, so this will always be true. But this job entry allows the result set to be passed on to the next one. This saves us from writing a dedicated transformation for this purpose:
The setup of the Simple evaluation job entry is quite simple ... just reference the return field from the previous job entry:
You can download this example here.


  1. If anyone is sitting on a slightly old version and having issues with this step, have a look at this